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Motherhood: Ready or Not

"Are you ready?' Everyone asks me this...and my response is, are you ever ready? I mean really ready. I've got the bassinet, onesies, breast pump, and more hats than he will ever wear!!! Yet, even with a fully stocked and loaded nursery, I don't think that question refers to nursery prep, LOL.

I know people are asking about me, am I which I still ask, are you ever ready? My belief, nothing can prepare you for motherhood. Nothing. Even if you have seem billions of other women walk this road, you don't know what's in store for you, until you're walking in it. I couldn't have imagined what being nine months pregnant would feel like, until I was nine months pregnant! Whoa!

However, as much as I am not looking forward to the discomfort of labor, I am looking forward to meeting my son!!! To hear his cries, look each other in the eyes, be heart to heart and smile to smile....I'm so thrilled!!! So baby boy, come on down!!!

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