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Lucci's Half Birthday

In the Spavento Household, we take advantage of any, and every, reason to celebrate. So when our Principe Luciano turned six months, we threw him a tiny Half Birthday Party 🎉

Our household is half Italiano, and half Jamaican, so needless to say, we are EXTRA 😜 We donned out Lucci in his best and invited a handful of Aunties and an Uncle to help his celebrate this milestone.

Luciano cooperated the entire time! He wore his outfit without complaint, but wasn't too sure about actually eating his cake, LOL.

It's been such a blessing, and reward, to see our little guy grow from newborn, to infant, and very soon, into toddlerhood. There is something so special and sacred about watching your child experience the world for the first time.

His Uncle Azuka teased me, and asked if there would be a 3/4 birthday....and you know what, don't try me...we may be back at it again in three months!

Much Love,

The Spaventi

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