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Mother's Day Sentiments

My day began with tears over the loss of my mom. I was still in bed, wiping my eyes, when my husband came in with this little guy. They had a balloon, presents, and more...he was even wearing a "First Mother's Day Onsie."

Immediately, the day shifted for took a moment to realize that I am now mommy. Yes, I always remember my mom, always, but now, I'm mom to this little guy. Now, I'm the source of comfort, love and nurture for someone else.

All that my mom poured in to me, I now pour in to him, and in that way, she has passed me the baton. I know I make her proud, and serve her well, by being the best mom I can be to him.

I'll always miss her Earth side...but in Heaven, she gets to be with her first born, my sister Ogah...and that thought makes me smile. They have each other there, and I have Luciano and John here.

This Mother's Day, my first, will always be remembered as one that shifted my focus from the past, to the bright future ahead!

Happy Mother's Day!

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