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Light of My Life

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Every time I see Luciano's face, let me tell you...all the feels! He is so yummy and so cute! I cannot believe here is here! Many nights I would sit on this same couch and count his kicks. Often, I would wonder, what would he look like? How would I feel when he looked into my eyes? How would it feel to know that I am his mama.

It's nothing like what I ever imagined, it's better. There really is no way to wrap your brain around motherhood until you are in it! Of course this journey is filled with tension, stressful moments, exhaustion and lack of sleep. However, at the risk of sounding like a cliche, it is worth it. When I lock eyes with this little guy, and he flashes me his best gummy smile...I melt!

So ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on Luciano Antonio Spavento, the Light of My Life!

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