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These Are The Good Days

My son was in full melt down mode...

He's almost two. They call it the "Terrible Two's" but the truth is it's started well before two! He's been losing it even since he was 18 months 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

However, as I was playing with him today, I took a moment to breathe in, savor, and give gratitude...THESE are the good days.

We all know I've experienced loss in my life, so I've learned this lesson the hard way....

After something or someone's is lost, it's easy to look back on a time gone by and say to yourself, "Those were the good days." However, I made a promise to myself to acknowledge the good "Old" days, while they are still "New" days.

One day, God willing, my son will be a grown, healthy man, and my husband John and I will be alive and well to see it. We'll revel in the wonder that our once so little boy, is all grown...probably taller than us even!

In those days, we will look back at these days, and say, remember when he was a baby? Remember when he was a toddler? Remember when he would fit in our laps? Those were the good days.

After his voice gets deep, hair grows on his chest, and whiskers appear on his chin, I'll appreciate all of his growth, but I'll yearn for these days, when he was still my tiny, not so big human.

The very same tantrums that I now spurn, will be warm, comforting memories of my baby boy. That's why I tell myself, in the here and now, that today is the good old days, and remind myself to drink it all in. There's so much to be grateful for.

We are alive. We are well. We are together. We have each other. As long as we have these things, we can fix anything that comes our way!

These are the days, to remember, to savor, to cherish, to love, and to live!

These are the good old days...

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