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The Only Thing I Got Right

My life, while great and amazing, is a series of unfortunate events and bad decisions. Now, I wouldn't call my life a failure, I am 42,...

The Classic Make-Up Tutorial

Thanks so much for attending my Classic Make-Up Tutorial on Instagram LIVE! I appreciate you all so much! Below you will find a list of...

Our Children's Lives Are Their Own

When people say, "I want to give my child everything I never had." It sounds noble. However, as well intentioned as that may be, it's...

These Are The Good Days

My son was in full melt down mode... He's almost two. They call it the "Terrible Two's" but the truth is it's started well before two!...

My Formula 1 Story

Greetings Everyone, So many of you have asked how I got my interest in Formula 1, so grab a drink and come hither, it’s story time. Three...

Lucci's Half Birthday

In the Spavento Household, we take advantage of any, and every, reason to celebrate. So when our Principe Luciano turned six months, we...

Mother's Day Sentiments

My day began with tears over the loss of my mom. I was still in bed, wiping my eyes, when my husband came in with this little guy. They...


Wow! Every birthday is special, but there's something about milestone birthdays, especially the big 4-0! For me, this day is a blessing...

Motherhood: Ready or Not

"Are you ready?' Everyone asks me this...and my response is, are you ever ready? I mean really ready. I've got the bassinet, onesies,...

Light of My Life

Every time I see Luciano's face, let me tell you...all the feels! He is so yummy and so cute! I cannot believe here is here! Many nights...

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